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Telecom Control RoomBard manufactures customized climate control solutions for electronic shelters, telecommunication and similar sensitive and critical electrical equipment cooling in buildings such as for hospitals, military facilities, DOT toll buildings, all major cell sites, etc.

These specialized products are uniquely designed for the needs and challenges of the equipment shelter / telecom market. These wall-mounted air conditioners offer the latest in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) that are customizable to give remote access and the greatest control and flexibility to remotely monitor the units and the conditioned space.

Introducing Bard’s latest line of wall-mounted air conditioners with the highest performance to give you complete control over your entire building cooling loads:


Designed to operate on both AC and 48 Volt DC. On a power loss, the unit will continue to operate as a free cooling / ventilation system using the shelter’s DC power without the need for an inverter. The unit will supply 100% airflow with the ability to exhaust, keeping the shelter ventilated and the electrical systems operating.
Cooling Capacities: 36,000 BTUH


Designed specifically to optimize Free Direct Ambient Cooling requirements. It offers a counter-flow design bringing cooler outside air at floor level, pulling heat and exhausting at ceiling level to the outside taking full advantage of a free-cooling economizer. This control strategy along with two stages of mechanical cooling gives the Fusion-Tec a flexible three stage cooling sequence of operation.
Cooling Capacities: 36,000 BTUH to 58,000 BTUH


High efficient wall-mounted unit designed to allow multiple units to operate connected to a single Programmable Logic Controller. When installed with the optional free-cooling economizer, the unit will supply full rated airflow in the cooling mode with the ability to exhaust unconditioned indoor air. The unit offers two types of dehumidification:

  • PLC with Mechanical Dehumidification, Hot-Gas Reheat (HGRH)
  • PLC with Electric Reheat Dehumidification. Available in (50 HZ) for export only.

Cooling Capacities: 18,000 BTUH to 71,000 BTUH


BIG, BOLD and COLD, that is the best way to describe this unit. I comes in two models, 7.5 Ton, 10 Ton, 12.5 Ton, and 15.0 Ton capacity to cool virtually any equipment shelter. It offers three different compressor-cooling capacities plus a full free-cooling economizer with exhaust. The Programmable Logic Controller allows you to connect up to 14 units in any configuration with a single controller.

A perfect application for large commercial buildings, airplane hangars, etc. In situation where one cannot place HVAC equipment on the roof or there is no practical place on the side of the building to place units on the ground, the Mega-Tec makes for a perfect choice!
Cooling Capacities: 90,000 to 180,000 BTUH

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