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We are the experts in customized, applied and engineered HVAC solutions in the education facility, telecom and commercial building markets. Our expertise include engineering calculations, load analysis, (CFM, BTU, GPM, SP, Duct Design, etc.) Note, our services are free to help and assist design professionals, engineers, architects, commercial contractors with sizing, selections to select the right HVAC equipment for the project they’re working on. Each project is unique, some are more complex than others requiring customized solutions. An example of this personalized, custom solution from our sales / engineering team includes:

Personal meeting with design professionals, pre-planning.

Site visits, taking pictures, measurements, etc. to ensure a trouble free installation.

Selecting various special options available to meet a special requirement:

    • Various cabinet colors and cabinet options including stainless steel or aluminum enclosures
    • Various corrosion protective options (coils, inside, outside, hardware, etc.)
    • Designing custom bases and custom wall-sleeves
    • Designing custom size, color, architectural, N.O.A. louvers that work with our equipment
    • Providing detailed CAD louver drawings to the architect and installing contractors
    • Providing engineering submittals for approval, supplemented by CAD drawings as required
    • Providing special sequence of operations of HVAC equipment including integration help with BMS system
    • After sales service; AccuAir’s own in-house Service Manager for support

AccuAir, Your One, Single Source Responsible Provider.

INDOOR-MOUNT Q-Tec Chilled Water AC

The Ultimate Zoning:
Bard QC Chilled Water, Single-Zone VAV Systems for individual room temperature and humidity control.

  • Vertical, Indoor Floor-Mounted; unit fits neatly by an outside wall requiring a small aesthetic outdoor louver for ventilation
  • Space Saving; vertical configuration requires very little floor space
  • Easy Installation; no field assembly required, including duct free supply plenum
  • Retrofitting Existing HVAC Installations: window or wall openings can be used to provide intake / exhaust of fresh air ventilation
  • Quiet: quiet enough for the smallest classroom and powerful enough for a large office space
  • Ventilation Option: Energy saving total enthalpy wheel (ERV) exchanges up to 82% temperature and humidity load of outside air. Eligible for FP&L commercial rebate of $1,246.
  • Variable-Speed Fan: Precise CFM airflow in each mode of operation for optimal comfort
  • Fan-Speed Control: provided from 3rd party controls
  • Modulating Water Valves: provided from 3rd party, the single zone VAV control sequence provides precise temperature and humidity control
  • Superior Dehumidification; at part load conditions compared to multi-zone or constant volume VAV systems
  • Low Energy Use; at part loads due to fan energy savings and significant reduction in reheat
  • DDC Communication; easily integrates into every DDC communication system
  • Available from 13,300 to 49,000 BTUH (Based on EWT, GPM, and CFM).


  • 11.0 EER / 3.3 COP efficiency and higher per the latest DOE Efficiency Mandate
  • Balanced Climate Feature; removes up to 33% more humidity than basic units on the market
  • Hydrophilic Evaporator Coils; increased water drainage, helps prevent mold and bacteria
  • Natural Fiber Insulation; no fiberglass in the airstream, a possible health concern
  • ECM Blower Motors; high efficient and quiet operation
  • Dehumidification Enhancements; electronic expansion valve (EEV) improved refrigerant flow
  • Ventilation Options; low leakage Commercial Room Ventilator (CRV) with exhaust, exceeds all code requirements. Energy saving total enthalpy wheel (ERV) exchanges up to 82% temperature and humidity load of outside air. Eligible for FP&L commercial rebate of $1,246.
  • Enclosed Condenser Fan Motor; TEFC motor for longer life and improved efficiency
  • Lockable Access Panel; increased safety and security
  • Dirty Filter Indicator; shows when filter change is due
  • 100% Full Flow Economizer; potential cost savings when “free cooling” is practical


  • BOLD.COLD: 7.5 Ton, 10.0 Ton, 12.5 Ton, and 15.0 Ton cooling capacity
  • Meets DOE’s highest current efficiency mandate of 10.0 EER
  • Designed For High Sensible Cooling: industrial grade cooling
  • IECC2015 Compliant: compressors can stepdown to 35% of maximum capacity
  • Economizer Option: 100% optional “free cooling” by using outdoor air when favorable
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC): control up to 14 units with a single controller
  • Designed to fit existing SPVU Footprints: MEGA-Tec is a slide-in replacement to other similar units
  • Easy Access: hinged doors and condenser fan mounted on glide rails for easy service
  • High Efficient Indoor Blower: Industrial grade centrifugal fans with backward curve design
  • Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV): precise control of refrigerant flow
  • High Efficient Outdoor Fan Motor: ECM industrial grade fan provides optimal air flow
  • Optional Coated Condenser and Evaporator Coils; corrosion protection to maintain efficiency
  • Optional Electric Reheat Dehumidification: precise control for sensitive electronic equipment
  • Optional High MERV-13 Filters: reduced contaminants in sensitive environments

Classroom Preferred I-TEC AC and HP, indoor-mount, DX, climate systems:

Quiet and comfortable

  • Sound levels 40 dBA and lower
  • Provides fresh air, controls temperature and humidity

Intelligent technology

  • Blends in the classroom without distraction
  • Preserves the integrity of the architecture in historical buildings

Ideal serviceability

  • Simple easy to slide in and out filters
  • Front and center control panel at eye level
  • Easy access to all internal components
  • Doors and sides can be removed for access to the entire unit
  • All service can be performed from inside the room

Installation advantage

  • Cost effective choice for new installations and renovations
  • Unit can be easily disassembled and re-assembled when needed, inside the room
  • Designed for multiple placement options, even corners
  • Available from 2.5 Ton to 5.0 Ton capacity

Indoor-mount Q-TEC for classrooms, offices, halls and other large rooms. The QC and QH units are a perfect solution.

  • Available from 2.0 Ton to 5.0 Ton capacity
  • AC or HP models with electric heat or hot water coil heat
  • Designed for new construction, renovation or retrofit projects
  • Budget friendly, lower cost alternate compared to other HVAC systems
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Total comfort, various fresh air options per code
  • Cooling, heating, dehumidification sequence of operations
  • Energy Recovery Wheel (ERV) option
  • Huge rebates available from FP&L and others for ERV option
  • Two types of cabinet colors and numerous outdoor louver finish options
  • Various corrosion protective options
  • Aesthetically pleasing cabinet for indoor installations
  • Aesthetic, architectural louvers to blend with building architecture
  • Available with a large selections of options and accessories for any application

Need Help with complete HVAC Solutions?

Our professional sales and marketing representatives will assist you with design, load calculations, equipment selection and more.

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