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Electrical Room for Commercial BuildingBard manufactures a line of wall-mount, packaged AC and HP HVAC units specifically made for commercial and modular buildings where indoor air comfort and low sound levels are the highest priority. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and comfort are the top considerations of owners and users of these facilities and for tenant retention. Traditional rooftop (RTU) HVAC or mini-split HVAC systems simply do not offer the many advantages of Bard’s durable, high efficient wall-mount HVAC units. Bard’s family of units are engineered for the optimum climate control solution to raise your comfort level with the following enhancement options:


Helps eliminate mold and mildew by maintaining comfortable humidity levels between 55% to 60% RH, per ASHRAE and local code. Provides active dehumidification with an independent Hot Gas Reheat (HGRH) circuit and independent humidity controller.


Helps create a comfortable environment and better IAQ. Depending on the requirements, various options are offered; barometric or motorized fresh air damper assembly with relief, free cooling economizers, commercial room ventilator with exhaust, energy recovery wheel (ERV) with independent adjustment of supply and exhaust air for room pressurization. Meets ASHRAE and local fresh air ventilation code for commercial buildings and occupants.


Quiet operation increases occupant satisfaction. Various sound reductions options are offered: isolation curbs, sound curbs, acoustical curbs, sound plenums and acoustical accessories.


AccuAir is contracted and has worked with GSA since 2013, proudly offering value pricing to multiple Federal Agencies across the USA including NOAA, Military, Coast Guard, Law Enforcement, etc.
Our long-term relationship and experience with Public Sector Services allows us to offer our high level technical assistance to meet their unique or special requirements.
Cooling Capacities: 12,000 to 71,000 BTUH

Contact us for sizing, selection and design assistance including various options, accessories, cabinet finishes and coating and control options.

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