Educational Facilities

Bard AC UnitsBard HP and AC units are specifically designed for classroom applications demanding high efficiency and the lowest possible sound levels. They are especially well suited for HVAC retrofits, or new building additions where exiting chillers do not have the capacity to serve another building. They are packaged units that can be added individually as needed or in multiples serving an entire zone or a completely new building.

Indoor Mount Chilled Water - SZ-VAV

The QC the latest chilled water unit has several exclusive features making it a superior product choice for single zone applications like classrooms and school office areas. Offering numerous benefits to owners and users of facilities such as: floor mounted vertical configuration that fits neatly by an outside wall, very quiet-perfect for classrooms, ventilation and energy recovery per code, variable fan speed in different sequence modes of operation, superior dehumidification in part load conditions, low energy use due to part load fan energy savings and much more.
Cooling Capacities: 13,300 to 49,300 BTUH (Based on EWT, GPM and CFM)

Wall-Mount HP & AC

The TxxS1 the quietest ever, dual capacity, high efficient, (up to 11.0 EER / 15.0 IPLV), available with advanced climate control options and energy saving features and accessories such as energy recovery, HGRH, economizers and smart controllers that are Bac-net compliant and utilize motion sensors for occupied/unoccupied settings.
Cooling Capacities: 22,400 to 56,000 BTUH
Heating Capacities: 19,000 to 52,000 BTUH

Indoor-Mount HP & AC

The I-Tec the quietest ever, (less than 40 dBA), dual capacity, high efficient, (up to 12.0 EER / 16.5 IPLV) and I-TecZ with special acoustical sound reduction options (35.3 dBA) are the favorite and basis-of-design for many school districts across the country. These units are esthetically pleasing as they mount inside with only an architectural louver on the exterior wall or window frame designed to blend with the building.

We have many other commercial models for both wall mount and indoor mount applications;
Keep in mind we can replace older units and competitors’ units seamlessly or with adapter curbs if a larger capacity unit is required. We also offer gas pack, water source HP, chilled water unit ventilators, over/under packed units, telecom AC and environmental control units (harsh duty/high ambient) with all the appropriate options, accessories, aesthetic-colored louvers, controls, etc. to meet any requirement.
Cooling Capacities: 22,800 to 54,000 BTUH
Heating Capacities: 19,800 to 54,000 BTUH

The benefits of the Bard packaged product line Vs. the traditional rooftop, VAV, chiller, boiler, DX split system and or DOA systems are numerous.

The Bard Advantage:

  • Budget friendly, least expensive, total HVAC solution on market to meet codes and efficiencies
  • Ease of installation (packaged unit)
  • Ease of service and maintenance
  • No roof penetration, no rooftop service
  • Individual room temperature and humidity control (no large chiller or AHU plant requiring
    constant operation, which saves energy during part load or off-peak periods)
  • Occupancy dependent operation / set back (conserve energy when space is unoccupied)
  • Intelligent control, learned schedule (no programming)
  • Bac-net or communicating controllers
  • Special options: dehumidification, energy recovery, coastal coatings and more
  • Special accessories: sound reduction panes, vibration isolation curbs and more
  • OA per code up to 750 CFM, (occupied room only)
  • Versatile and flexible installation for building additions, retrofits or renovations
  • No special tools or certifications needed to install units
  • Can be ducted up to 60 feet
  • Units meet the latest Florida Building Code (hurricane code)
  • All units are ETL safety listed and ARI performance rated per the latest efficiency standards
  • All units manufactured in the USA (OH & GA)


Lower initial capital and installation cost
(studies show 30% to 50% less costs than traditional rooftop , chiller VAV type units)

Lower energy costs and operation
(individual room control, night setback, studies show 50% comparative cost saving)

Lower maintenance costs
(self-contained requiring little or no maintenance, only basic filter changes)

*One unit does it all: Individual room control - cooling, dehumidification, heating, ventilation
options to meet OA code requirements, energy recovery, CO2 sensor, people sensing infrared
thermostat, UV light, special high efficient filters, various corrosion resistant coatings,
various voltages including 50 HZ, choice of colors and more.
(Single source responsibility, no finger pointing if something does not work right)


BARD is the industry leader with over 100 years of HVAC experience.
(track record, assurance, expertise)


AccuAir, the exclusive distributor of Bard “engineered” products in Florida, has
hundreds of successful projects / installations throughout the State.
(experience, service department, parts, standard, and engineered stock units)

Our staff:

  • The BARD product specialist for engineered and applied products in Florida have over 75 years of combined experience with Bard products.
  • Members of ASHRAE with years of HVAC experience to assist you.
    (dedication and passion to help you with solutions for all your HVAC needs)

Your exclusive benefit:

The above models are engineered / applied products built to order but AccuAir stocks a variety of the most popular Bard wall mount models. We can replace all old Bard, Marvair, Eubank and Sun models seamlessly. Engineered products with HGRH dehumidification, ERV or other ventilation options are included; tell us what you have and we’ll keep some of those in stock just for you!

If you require additional information about our complete product line or just have a few questions, please feel free to contact us, or if you prefer we can schedule a “Lunch & Learn” technical or service presentation for you and your staff at your convenience.

Contact us for sizing, selection and design assistance including various options, accessories, cabinet finishes and coating and control options.

Classroom Units with Bard AC Units

Need Help with complete HVAC Solutions?

Our professional sales and marketing representatives will assist you with design, load calculations, equipment selection and more.

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